The Beginning

My first ever memory of doing art was when I was 2yrs old, I was in hospital recovering from malaria and a bacterial attack, I would draw little birds with their eyes closed saying ‘They’re going sleep’. My father had just died of malaria whilst doing missionary work in Africa. It was a sad time and drawing was a great distraction for me.

Art has always been one of my biggest passions and I continued exploring throughout my childhood creating illustrations for my younger siblings to colour in, drawing paper dolls and clothes for them, making collages with whatever I could find, sweet wrappers, scraps of fabric, photos. I’d make over 100 Christmas cards each year for all our friends and family, create board games and do a paintings as gifts for special occasions.

‘My First Drawing Memory’ Acrylic on canvas 65×90 This piece was part of an art project where we had to paint a memory using colours to show emotion and tell the story



I had a fascination with drawing ships for a long time, I would often dream of crossing oceans in the sky so it was no wonder that at the age of 17, I left home in South Africa and went to London to start my adventures. My journey has taken me all over Europe, Africa, America, Asia and Australia. 

Travelling became my new source of inspiration, there was so much to see and experience. I never tire of looking at the sky and landscapes from the air, its always changing and its been a  constant source of inspiration for my work. 

‘Voyage In the Sky’ Acrylic and Mixed Media 42×58 A painting from my imagination when I was younger.


My First Business - Dublin

My other passion is hairdressing which I started around 12yrs of age using my younger siblings hair to practise on. When I moved to Dublin in my early 20’s I started working in Whetstone Hairdressing Ltd as the manager and 4yrs later I got the opportunity to buy the business.

Having spent over 20yrs in Dublin has been an amazing part of my creative journey. The salon gave me a chance to exhibit my smaller paintings and grow as an artist while using my creative skills in different ways. The people I met and the friendships we formed will always be a huge part of my life.

‘Foggy Hue’ Mixed Media on Canvas 120 x120. Framed. This is one of my larger more recent pieces of art that sold to a lovely client of Whetstone’s


Art Focused - London

Moving to London was a decision I made after many trips back and forth working in the creative industry. I had to follow my dreams and I felt more opportunity would arise there. Sure enough shortly after my arrival I got the opportunity to set up an art Company (Omni Hue) with my brother Greg and his wife Cheryl.

Working together we have been able to create a huge portfolio of art commissions for numerous projects, private clients and showrooms.


Currently and going forward

My main focus is now on art and becoming a recognised artist, I am studying the ‘History of Modern Art’  I’ve recently completed courses in Art Movement, Contemporary Art, and The Art of Drawing with Metafora Art Studios in Barcelona. 

Omni Hue is going from strength to strength. I continue to travel and I am very excited about whats to come. I am working on creating my own art studio and looking forward to future exhibitions. I’m in my element when I’m painting.

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“I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.”

Vincent Van Gogh